Your Result: Apprentice!

Congratulations! You are already on the right path. It seems that you have either already thought about your purpose in your professional life or have naturally moved toward it.

There will be one or two areas where you are not entirely content yet. Do you know them? Where could you get closer to your Ikigai?

Your next step is Guru. Then, you probably have arrived at your Ikigai.

Bernhard is happy to take you through the detailed results in a 30′ free Coffee Session. Book it below. 

If you know one or two areas where you could get closer to your Ikigai, think about the next concrete step you can take. That might be a tiny step. Remember, it takes many small steps to reach the top of a mountain.

Speak about it with your partner, a close friend, or a coach. Keep them in the loop. This will help you in taking the first of several steps.

We highly recommend you take our Ikigai Course on the Revibrations App, which you find in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

If you are interested in understanding your results better, book a free 30′ Coffee Session with Bernhard.

You find the Ikigai Course on the Revibrations App in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Join us!