Group Sessions for Musicians

  • 3 to 8 participants per group
  • Meetings every week or every second week
  • Meetings guided by Bernhard Kerres
  • Duration around 90 minutes
  • You must have finished the BYOM Base Course as a pre-requisite to participate in Group Sessions

Bernhard will guide small group sessions with 3 to 8 participants. In the group sessions all group members work on their projects, encourage each other, and support each other. Bernhard coaches the group and will support it with his experience and know-how where suitable. Group Sessions will take around 90 minutes each.

We offer these group sessions either weekly or on a bi-weekly basis.

Guided Group Sessions with Bernhard have a suggested price of EUR 45,- per session and person with a minimum price of EUR 19,- per session and person during the COVID-19 crisis.

You can pay session by session. You simply will get an invoice from me after each session.

Open Group Sessions

When you are still looking for group mates, you can sign up individually. Share it with colleagues. As soon as there are enough participants, you will get a confirmation.

Closed Group Sessions

When you already have a group, just one of you need to sign up for all of you. The time is then reserved for you 🙂