Working with a coach should be driven by your needs and not your financial means. I, therefore, offer coaching sessions based on the Pay-It-Forward principle, especially but not exclusively for musicians. You pay for your session as you can without any questions asked. You fill in the amount I should charge you.

The Pay-It-Forward principle asks you to support someone else when you can do so. That might be that you give free lessons to someone in need. Or you help someone in a way you see fit. This is up to you. Again, I will not ask you about it.

For musicians who are unsure what to fill in, think about what you charge others for a music lesson with you or what you pay for a lesson with your teacher.

  • Pay-as-you can (you fill in the amount I should charge you).
  • If you have to reschedule or cancel, please do so five days before our appointment.